Girls Moving Mountains: Bailie

Hey friends! Let me introduce you to our latest GMM, Bailie! Bailie is 19 years old and sophomore at Freed-Hardeman University. She is SUPER active on campus, genuine, funny, and one of the most joy-filled people I’ve ever seen! She is an accounting/business administration major but her passion is youth ministry, and she hopes to involved with helping young people no matter where she ends up in life.

At Freed, Bailie is the current Student Government Association Spiritual Life Chair, where she plans and oversees many spiritual activities around campus. If you’re a Freed student, check this out: “Come on out every other Monday night at 10:30 this semester for our campus-wide devotional. We’re going to be discussing the topic of “Give Us Your Eyes” to see things the way Jesus sees them, to have His perspective. We’ll be looking at different topics and hearing from some of our peers. Look for events on Facebook and listen in chapel for announcements!”


Bailie is a leader with a passion for God and for people, and she has got some great and inspiring words to share with you today:

Her faith story: “I have grown up going to church with my family every time the doors are open. As a child, my mom would read me stories from the Bible from my Bible story book. As I got older, I began to read and study my “big girl” Bible on my own. Going to Sunday School and reading these accounts with my family at home was where I really started learning about God’s Word, the love of Jesus, and the hope of eternity that we have if we follow Him. I started attending Maywood Christian Camp when I was seven years old. Listening to the devotionals and also watching older kids be baptized and live faithful lives to our Lord had a huge impact on me as I started to form a relationship with God.

“All of this that I learned for the first 14 years of my life led to my decision to put on Christ in baptism and have my sins washed away. I was baptized on July 6, 2012 in the swimming pool in Bader Gym (rest in peace) on the campus of Freed-Hardeman University at Horizons Leadership Camp. Since then, I have continued to grow and learn through so many different avenues. I have been privileged to sit at the feet of so many wonderful Bible teachers at Maywood and Horizons over the past 12 summers. I have learned from many wonderful teachers over the years at my home congregation in Mississippi. Once I started attending events away from home (such as Maywood, Horizons, EU, CYC, EYC) and away from the routine “required” worship hours, my faith really started to flourish. I attended these events because I wanted to, not because they were just there. Going to these events helped me realize and take back home the idea that I get to go before His throne in worship, and I get to learn more about Him through His Word.

“This past summer I was able to attend Maywood Christian Camp ALL SUMMER to recruit for Freed-Hardeman. This was such a defining summer. I got to hear so many wonderful speakers, learn so many things from different classes, meet some AWESOME people and hear about their spiritual journeys, and even lead in ways I’ve never had the opportunity to lead before. I was weary and tired a few weeks in but somehow I found the strength to persevere a few more weeks. What a true blessing it was to experience this. I got to see God work in so many ways this summer, and I love to talk about it, so if you’re interested, just ask! 🙂 My God has been so good to me for the past 19 ½ years. I’m thankful for His goodness, mercy, grace, and that no matter what this life throws at me, He is always good.”


Her favorite passage of Scripture (this is beautiful): “My favorite passage is Luke 1:46-49, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord. My spirit rejoices in God, my Savior. For He took notice of the lowly state of His maidservant; For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed. For He who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name.’ This passage of scripture comes right after Mary finds out that she is pregnant with Jesus. I try to keep this scripture on my mind as much as possible. We sing it now as “Magnificat,” which, according to Webster’s dictionary means “the canticle (song/hymn) on the Virgin Mary.” Mary’s soul is MAGNIFYING the LORD because God CHOSE HER to do awesome things through her, even though she says that she is just a humble servant. Every single day my goal is to just let my soul MAGNIFY our LORD because He is so good and does SO much for us all the time. He even did the most amazing thing by sending Jesus to die for us so that we could spend eternity with Him one day – that in itself is enough for us let our souls magnify the Lord in all that we do. My favorite book of the Bible is Hosea, and that might be a little bit of an odd book to be my favorite, but it perfectly exemplifies the love that Jesus has for us!!! So many times we fall back into those sins that keep us away from having that intimate relationship with God, but every single time He takes us back – back into His loving, gracious arms. What a good God we serve!! Take the time to read Hosea!! It’s an awesome story!!!”

Her practical suggestions for Bible study: “This school year I have found a couple of different things that have helped me study the Word more often and learn more from it. I have a Bible app on my phone, and I can start different reading plans that have devotionals and scriptures with them to read each day. There are so many different reading plans one can choose from over different topics and different sets of scripture. Another thing I encourage you to do is find a friend and challenge each other to dig deep into His Word every single day. Hold each other accountable.”

Her prayer relationship with God: “PRAYER IS SO IMPORTANT. What an awesome thing it is to get to bow before the throne of God and tell Him about our day, thank Him for all of the blessings He has given us, ask Him for comfort and strength for ourselves and others, pour our heart and soul out to Him when we’re hurting. Every time I get in my car to drive anywhere by myself, I say a prayer before I turn the radio on. I highly suggest doing this!! Especially here at FHU we barely ever get alone time with God, so what a perfect time that is to catch up with Him! He wants to hear from YOU! He created you, and He loves you! What an awesome thing it is to bow before His throne in prayer. Psalm 5:3 says, ‘My voice you shall hear in the morning, O LORD; In the morning I will direct it to You, and I will wait in expectation.’ We should pray with the mindset that we can wait expectantly for God to answer our prayers because HE IS GOING TO!!!”

How Bailie defines “delighting in the Lord”: “In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Edmund is convinced by the White Witch to eat Turkish delight, and for some reason this is one of the first things I think of when I hear the word ‘delight.’ This desert pleased him so much that he wanted more and more and more of it. As Christians, we should delight/please God so much that He wants us to keep doing more and more for Him. When I crawl into bed at night, I want to be so tired from serving Him, and I want Him to look down upon me in delight that I am His. It is so hard to do this though because we get so caught up in the worries of this word. We get caught up in our school work, social organizations, leadership positions, relationships, and even Makin’ Music that we forget that we aren’t here for the purpose of being involved and accomplishing all of these things – we are here for one purpose— to please our God. And the Bible teaches us that when we delight in Him, He will give us the desires of our heart—good grades in school, leadership positions, a super cute boyfriend, and maybe even a 1st place Makin Music show, but GOD HAS TO BE FIRST AND OUR MAIN PRIORITY HAS TO BE TO PLEASE HIM. And if we don’t get all of the desires of our hearts, then we still have to give God the glory because He sees the bigger picture and NO MATTER WHAT – HE IS STILL SO GOOD.”

On the “desires of her heart”: “I worry too much. I worry about EVERYTHING. I want to move this mountain in my life so that before, during, and after bad things happen, doubt never crosses my mind. I want to have complete faith that my God is going to take care of me. This summer I learned that I have such a strong passion for ministering to teenage girls, and this is such a desire of my heart that I have prayed for opportunities to do this, and God has truly shown out. This is a mountain I pray God will help me move so far during my lifetime.”

Her message to other girls striving to grow in faith (this is so so good!!): “In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells us to go the second mile. This is something that I found to be so helpful in my Christian walk, in my school, job— anything really. The context of this scripture is that these when Roman soldiers were traveling, Jews were required to help carry the Roman soldier’s belongings for exactly a mile. When a Roman soldier asked a Jew to do this, they had no other option— they had to do it, so of course this made them mad. Jesus tells these Jews, “Go TWO miles!” Do what’s required, AND THEN SOME. My advice to other girls striving to increase your faith… is to read the amount of scripture you normally read and then maybe a couple more chapters. Pray at meals and at night and then maybe add a morning prayer or a prayer walking to class into your daily routine. Talk to your close friends about Jesus, and then start bringing Jesus up in normal everyday conversations with people you aren’t so close to. Do what is required AND THEN SOME. LOVE HARD. Love the people who don’t get a lot of love. Show everyone you come in contact with the LOVE OF JESUS. BE HAPPY even on the hard days. Remember that you may be the only Bible that some people ever read. Stand up for what the scriptures say in LOVE. STEP OUT ON FAITH IN GOD AND DO CRAZY AWESOME THINGS FOR HIM. Remember that He is molding you and creating you into the most beautiful MASTERPIECE. He may have to chip away things in your life that aren’t good for you and that you don’t want to let go of, but dear sister – let Him take it away. You will be so glad you did. Life is hard. People are going to be mean to you. People are going to say things that hurt you, but I PROMISE YOU – Heaven will SURELY be WORTH it ALL.


I hope you have been as encouraged as I have by Bailie’s powerful words of faith! If you’d like to hear more from her, check out her blog at

I am continually grateful for sisters in faith like Bailie who build people up and live their lives in mountain-moving faith for Jesus! Check back soon to hear from more amazing girls!



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